Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is revolutionizing businesses and it is one of the hottest technology trends which is prevailing all over the world. AI technology replicates human intelligence in a structured manner. This intelligence provides many opportunities for businesses to automate their business operations and processes by leveraging the benefits of AI applications. Righteous Technologies Private Limited's AI development services help enterprises in building amazing AI software, virtual agents or personal assistants which understand and interpret the human behavior for delivering excellent support and amazing user experience. Righteous Technologies Private Limited will guide you on the path to your custom AI software, from the business requirements gathering stage to user training and maintenance for the ready AI solution.

As a leading AI development company, our extensive experience in developing AI software can become a differentiator for your business to get immense success through the use of various AI technologies. Our expertise includes entire range of AI technologies including NLP implementation, Machine learning development, Speech Recognition, Image Processing, Neural Networks etc. We design such powerful solutions which integrate smoothly with the client's business model and boost their business in a big way.

1. Machine Learning

Righteous Technologies Private Limited builds applications of AI which empower businesses to get ultimate benefits of machine learning which is a technology that allows machines to use data for self-learning. Machine Learning can be used to interpret complex data, trends, patterns to learn human behavior.

2. Chatbot Development

Righteous Technologies Private Limited offers chatbot development services to medium and large enterprises tailored to meet their requirements. We can build and deploy intelligent chatbots with powerful cognitive services, that constantly keep learning, enhancing and becoming smarter with time.

3. Alexa App Development

We have a team of talented Alexa app developers to empower enterprise with a new breed of voice-powered apps. This helps to unlock new opportunities and get things done in a smarter way. You can directly engage with your customers through voice on Alexa enabled devices like Amazon Echo.

4. Predictive Analytics

Righteous Technologies Private Limited can help you create and deploy predictive analytics solutions that introduce advanced capabilities to make better future business decisions and helping you with customer retention, churn reduction, business process optimization and improving sales and marketing efforts.

5. NLP Services

Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of AI that helps computers understand, interpret and manipulate human language. We provide machines the intrinsic ability to read and understand the meaning of human language by using NLP tools & techniques.


Leverage the efficiency of AI and reinvent the way you run your business. Our expertise in machine learning, NLP, computer vision, predictive modeling, chatbot development helps in designing and implementing AI solutions as per your requirements.